Video games have come a long way in the past few years, they are no longer just a set of simple sprites moving on a screen. They have the power to not only provide an engaging and immersive experience, they can also be used to educate, inform and even promote products. Here at Square Flame, we don’t just love video games, we're passionate about building them ourselves. Whether it’s an educational game to teach user’s how to better care for their pets or a crazy game about mutated farm animals. We have the skills required to build something fun, exciting and useful.

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Our Process

Building a game, even a simple one, requires careful planning. The game must be fun, engaging and successfully convey a theme or a message, especially if made to promote another product or service.


Understanding your needs

Should the game promote a product or service, or should it convey a message? What is the target audience? The initial step serves to answer these questions before idea brainstorming can happen.

Design and Planning

Initial ideas will be sketched out in order to make sure that game matches the requirements while still being fun and engaging for players. Technicalities of the user interface (UI), controls, graphic and audio style will also be determined.


With concepts and designs signed off, we will begin development of the game itself. We will choose the best development platform for the individual project so that the game can reach the widest audience as easily as possible.

Testing and Sign-off

We conduct testing throughout development on all target platforms in order to ensure that the game mechanics work as intended. Once in the beta stage, we can arrange for play testing and improve the game based on the feedback of actual game players. As gamers ourselves, this is the stage we enjoy the most!


As we have been game developers for many years, we've seen technologies come and go. We always keep up to date with the latest developments, and our games are made using the latest versions of whichever engine is chosen for the project. This is very important as this allows the game to run on as many devices as possible, allowing it to reach the widest audience. As experienced developers, we're also able to build custom game servers where necessary, allowing for multi-player gaming and much more!

Contact us

Whether you'd like to talk about a project - or if you just fancy a chat - we look forward to hearing from you.