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12th March 2018

The Brief

Plans Together came to us after identifying a gap in the market for a powerful but easy-to-use event management software. This needed to be built with wedding planning in mind to allow the Plans Together team to use the tool in-house. However, as their future plans included selling the software as a white-label product, care had to be taken to ensure that the tools were industry agnostic. The ideal software needed to have a simple but professional interface which was both attractive and intuitive for new users. Additionally, to ensure that white-labelling remained an option, the software needed to be scalable to businesses of any size and required branding options built into the software.

The Brief

Plans Together was built using the React framework, making the software lean and fast across all devices. The site includes a number of wedding planning tools, such guest lists, catering notes and meal options. However, great care was taken to ensure that the feature set was industry agnostic, making it ideal for all event management businesses. A branding section was included to allow businesses to personalise the software's colours and logos to match their company. This ensured that Plans Together had the option to white-label their software, allowing them to sell the software on, as well as using it as an in-house tool.

The site was set up as an SAAS (software as a service) package, using Amazon EC2 scalable cloud hosting to scale the site up and down to match user demand. Subscription payments were taken through Stripe, allowing secure and automatic monthly payments, without the need for regular invoicing from the Plans Together team.



Plans Together is perfect for planning and managing events, regardless of their size or purpose. The scalable AWS EC2 hosting ensures that Plans Together never pay more than is required for their hosting. Additionally, it ensures that any white-label clients can rest assured that they will never run out of bandwidth or server space. The Stripe subscriptions system allows Plans Together to take regular secure payments without requiring any personal input. This allows their team to focus on their own wedding planning business whilst the white-label software acts as an automatic revenue stream running silently in the background.


How It Looks

The Plans Together site has a simple but professional feel, focusing primarily on intuitiveness and ease-of-use. View more by clicking the images below.